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Check the rooms you pass through for dead bodies as you race towards your mission. If everyone in the Crew is entirely engaged on their job, it may take some time before a body is discovered. You not only give the Imposter plenty of time to murder again, but all proof will be gone.


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Crewmates utilize the security cameras to keep tabs on one another. While it's important to avoid murdering in front of cameras at all costs, there are situations when you simply have a few seconds to grasp your moment. Fortunately, when a security camera is activated, it will display a red, flashing light. Even if you're totally out of sight of a security camera, if you've observed someone observing the area, it's worth taking extra precautions to ensure you go through the processes of entering and exiting a room regularly.

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Unlike the other two levels, Polus is placed largely outside on "Planet Polus," which is theoretically larger than Mira HQ but far more basic in comparison to Mira's strange construction. Polus also provides several options for both crewmates and impostors to win.

If no one has persuaded you, don't be scared to abstain from voting; the path to victory is paved with job completion.


In Specimen, Do Not Kill

"Which candidate should I vote for?"

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As with other games, watching a few rounds on Twitch and knowing where specific areas and chores are situated is an excellent place to start. Keep a tab with the map you're currently playing on open until you memorize the names of each chamber. Knowing the names of each activity and where they may be accomplished is also beneficial since it allows you to confidently report what you've done as the Crewmate or lie convincingly as the Imposter.


Trick 2: Choose your victims wisely.

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Mechanics and Map Layout

You should also be strategic about who you murder. If you were accused of being an imposter, it may be even more suspicious if they died the next round.


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To put it another way, it is preferable not to murder anywhere near that region since it may be captured on video. Keep this in mind for crewmates while utilizing cameras so that you can check it regularly. And, of course, try not to appear suspicious when you're in that area.

Unfortunately, it is doubtful that this will work again in the same set of gamers. However, if you're playing with a bunch of pals and want to create memories that will last a lifetime... being the ultimate Impostor-troll is the way to go.

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The cameras are not simply there to hamper you though. Crewmates monitoring the cameras can't see other players nearby, so if you see those small red lights, it's time to go to the security room. You may even pretend to be a Crewmate by observing the cameras yourself.

Similarly, because of Polus' vast size, crewmates may find it worthwhile to remain with someone they can trust. A crewmate who stays with a friend may discourage the imposter from going out of their way to kill them. However, there is always the possibility that a crewmate would place their trust in the incorrect individual.

Sabotage Is Best Done With Reactors

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The reactors on Polus' top left and top right are critical to win. Not only may they lure crewmates away from having to walk to the top of the map, but the confusion of being divided by the Dropship may also lead to a scenario in which everyone goes to one reactor but not the other.

This may appear to be an ideal location for murder because it may take some time before another crewmate discovers it. However, there is no ventilation, and players might appear in the corridor at any time. It's better to stay away from it.

When in doubt, abstain from voting.

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10. Pretend you're AFK.

One of the most popular games in the world is among us. During the shutdown, the game became quite popular. As crewmates, up to eight people can participate in this game. The goal of these players is to locate the killer, known as an Imposter, among them. Being an impostor necessitates swindling abilities as well as a great deal of patience. In this essay, we will look at various deception abilities that can help you win as an impostor.

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Among Us does not feature a large number of maps, but the deception game does include three reasonably decent levels that play to the benefit and disadvantage of the game's two "teams." Polus is a good compromise between the little yet famous "The Skeld" map and the rather big and difficult-to-navigate Mira HQ layout.

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Emergency Meetings are generally utilized to determine who the murderer is. But why not also utilize them to strategize with your team? You might take use of this occasion to recommend staying in a group or to request that others see you performing a visual activity. Too frequently, an emergency meeting devolves into a shouting fight of allegations, with both Crewmate and Imposter pleading their innocence.

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Imposters should constantly be on the lookout for cameras. Players may clearly see many cameras dangling on the walls in the Skeld and Polus areas of Among Us. The important point here is to avoid killing someone in front of these cameras. A blinking red light on these cameras indicates that someone is watching over them.

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Because the vents can only be used by imposters to travel around the maps, you may simply utilize them to flee the murder scene and avoid being caught. You can go to them fast, eliminate your victims, and then flee without being spotted.


Trick 4: Typical duties

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