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That was an easy one and the first artifact you should nab. The next one is at Dadaupa Gorge. There’s a quest that involves eliminating three enemy camps and lighting three torches with fire, ice and lightning powers (all of which you will have). Once it’s done, your reward is a four-star feather, which will give you a huge boost in attack. If you’re having trouble finding or finishing the quest, here’s a good video guide.


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This is a great method for healing early on, as the player doesn't have an infinite amount of food to spare whenever their squad takes damage.

Simply put, do not wantonly spend Primogems. It's easy to spend your time-earned or cash-bought Primogems on a brand new character or shiny new weapon Banner. Resist this urge. Genshin Impact is a gorgeous, content-dense, free-to-play adventure, but keep in mind that Genshin Impact is a gacha game at heart. Mihoyo’s cash cow is the randomized character and weapon Banners where you gamble for items, with gamble being the operative word.

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One of the big appeals of Genshin Impact is its massive open world full of hidden secrets, puzzles, mini-games, and bosses. But in order to unlock new content you'll often have to complete quests. These might be Genshin's central Archon quest, which is how you get to Inazuma, or the Dragonspine questline, which lets you unlock the path to the mountain's summit, and the Peak of Vindagnyr domain.


AR 20: Spiral Abyss and Battlepass. The Spiral Abyss is a dungeon that represents Genshin Impact's seasonal challenge, as you fight through it with your best characters to earn rewards which are regularly reset. The battlepass also grants you rewards through play for achievements such as cooking meals, using resin, beating bosses etc.

Usually in an RPG it's all about leveling up your character, but Genshin Impact has two systems of progression that are equally important. Your characters level up with XP, but Adventure Points and your Adventure Rank are what gatekeep a lot of the story missions. So one of our top Genshin Impact tips is that in-order to be able to keep tearing through the story of Stormterror the dragon and looking for your missing sibling you'll want to focus on the activities that add to your Adventure Rank. You'll need to hit Adventure Rank 20 to unlock all of the game's features.

Each hero has their own elemental attack, which is more powerful and can do damage to enemies weak to them. Combining different elements - using Pyro when it's raining causes Vaporize damage - can be even more effective.

Open Chests

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AR 10: Codes. You can now redeem Genshin Impact codes.

Amber looking at the blue ley line blossom in Genshin Impact.


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Ever since its launch in late 2020, Genshin Impact has been one of the most popular gaming titles. The RPG implements gacha mechanics, another name for loot-boxes for monetization, although you don’t necessarily need to spend money to enjoy the game or even get good at it. The vast open-world is really well made and is set around an anime fantasy land where you get to switch between characters having individual elemental skills. Developed by MiHoYo, the game is often compared to Zelda: Breath of the Wild due to its similar approach towards graphics and visuals. Genshin Impact is available on iOS and Android but one can also enjoy it on PC, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Weapon wishes are a massive money sink

Local Specialties Can Also Be Bought

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Having properly leveled characters is only the bare minimum to leisurely explore the world. If you’re finding that enemies take a few too many hits to defeat, it’s probably because you’re not tending to your artifacts. Having a good set of artifacts means the difference between defeating enemies in 10 hits or two.

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As mentioned before, Genshin Impact has a small stamina modifier that can make moving a little bit more difficult. Coupled with fighting large groups of difficult opponents, dodging all attacks in Genshin Impact can be difficult, to say the least.

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Shrine Of The Seven Gods (In Particular Anemo God) In Genshin Impact

Switching between characters during a battle can help you master your attacks and elemental combinations better. Combining different elemental characters yields various reactions, which can often turn an unwinnable battle back in your favor. For instance, combining wind with fire, water, frost or lightning increases the spread of the attack and damage dealt with that element, making it excellent for crowd control. Having similar-element characters can also yield some advantages. For example, two wind characters boost stamina, while two fire elemental characters boost attack damage by 25%. So your exploring party can have two wind characters, even if they both remain largely unused, just to make it easier to explore around.

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One of the most crucial Genshin Impact tips is to swap your characters a lot during battle. Yes, we all want to stay faithful to sexy librarian Lisa, but swapping - as easy as hitting the D-pad - lets you pile on different elemental effects to do maximum damage. Get Amber's pyro arrows to start a fire, then swap characters and whip them into a tornado with a wind attack and prepare for carnage. As you build up a choice of party members you'll want to make sure you have a good mix of elements, and you get different buffs - like 15 percent elemental resistance for four unique elements - depending on your combination.

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Genshin Impact is a pretty huge game and it definitely takes time to explore every inch of its expansive world. When you are out exploring, you get to fight against various types of beasts, open treasure chests, and unravel secrets. Make sure you pick up everything that comes your way- flowers, food, ores, chests, etc. There are certain flowers that require you to use elemental magic on them to be able to pick them up. Make sure you grab those as they will be important for future quests. If you see a chest or any collectible, it’s usually a good idea to get it before you move ahead.

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Five-star weapons are excellent, and you're bound to get some from the Standard Banner. That said, don’t sneeze at three- or four-star weapons. When you first start your adventure, do not hesitate to improve and refine a three-star weapon to carry you through early Adventure Ranks. Weapons, such as the White Tassel spear and Slingshot bow are common, but possess potent special effects that make them surprisingly useful at lower levels. The White Tassel, for instance, increases your normal attack damage. Refining this weapon by feeding it other weapons of the same type boosts the damage further, up to 48 percent. That's not too shabby for a low-tier weapon.

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Spend your Original Resin as you get it, or convert it to Condensed Resin

Zhongli and Childe from Genshin Impact in Liyue Harbor

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Although most of the best characters on Genshin Impact are acquired randomly based on luck, Xiangling is an exception. She is one of the best Pyro characters in the game and can be acquired by completing the third floor of Spiral Abyss, a domain on the far east side of the map.

Genshin Impact is technically a mobile game, but there's a lot more to it than that. More so than any other mobile game we've played, Genshin Impact is overflowing with content. There's tons of depth to its systems/combat, a vast amount of things players can do at any one point, and it even has the developers asking fans for their input,

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