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Example of a good defense turned into a counter attack with X-Bow.

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The idea here is to “lose trophies” and be placed in a lower arena to face easier opponents. Some do this for what they consider to be an advantage, but it isn't. This slows down your progress and doesn't teach you how to beat real opponents. Not to mention you'll earn less rewards in the lower arenas.

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don't drop your trophies

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If you want to maximize the damage, it’ll be beneficial to clone at low hitpoint units

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Part 9: Balance Your Battle Deck

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The Witch alone is enough to deal with it, and it's a +1 elixir trade.

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1. Analyse your deck

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With the king activated, your opponent has one more tower to help him on defense. It will be harder for you to attack.

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Using Graveyard with a tank can be fatal, even when the opponent used Zap to counter the accumulated skeletons. Tower down.

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Try to match skeletons with a Giant, and see it instantly rush forward and destroy a Tower in just two moves. Skeletons are as good at defense as they are at offense. Use them to quickly interrupt a high-speed attack or exterminate a giant. But beware of Shock and have a backup plan. Thinking ahead is crucial at Royale. And remember, what works now may be weaker after an update. So be prepared to make changes frequently.

The distraction game works perfectly well especially if you don’t have the right cards or the right amount of power to fight off your opponents. If you may have noticed, Clash Royale units don’t make a tower beeline for protection purposes. What this means is that you can distract these groups by sending one of your weak units. What happens from here is that, the enemy unit will move towards your shipped unit, hence giving you the opportunity to attack the enemy tower.

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What are the synergies? What card will be difficult to deal with? Take the time to think about the strengths and weaknesses of the deck.

If you're playing a tank deck (Giant, Golem, Lava Hound), build your push slowly from the back. This way you'll be unstoppable.

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Mix your deck with high and low Elixir troops, as well as land and air. Offering you a wide range of options at any time. If everything costs too much, you will have times when there are no cards available to play and you will lose. Some cheap cards, like Fire Spirits, are good and have a cheap cost. Don't forget to have at least one or two “splash damage” cards. Like Valkyrie, spells or even Archers. If you get a Legendary, use it.

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Bonus tip: Don’t BM

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When you see Giant Skeleton, every unit you put in the same lane is basically dead.

Start with a light troop, analyze what the enemy will do, check the elixir and what you have in hand before playing anything on the field. This or the next move could be a strong counterattack. Of course, everyone will have a different strategy, approach and style. Hitting hard may work for some, but beginners may want to learn first and study the field, much like a game of chess, then advance against the enemy. Once you've learned which cards are best against each other, speed up your attacks if you like and be prepared for a quick response from the enemy.

Fortnite May Receive A New Party Royale Mode.

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You can drop units at the bridge – bridgespam – as a counter attack from a successful defense.

Enter the Arena with these Clash Royale tips!

Part 1: Play the Waiting Game

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Yes, you can surprise your opponent by rushing with a deadly combo on the bridge. But you’re relying on luck, one time it works, the second time it doesn’t. If you want to win more often, it is better to not rely on luck and play safe.

Defending Hog with too many units. It didn't get a hit on the tower, but it cost you 7 elixir.

The second Barrel does less damage than the first one, because it's defended by the king.


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