Mammoth Film Festival™ Will Be Socially Distancing Until 2022.

While we were grateful to experience the Mammoth Film Festival™, one of the last events before the nationwide lockdown from COVID-19, MammothFF prides itself on

bringing filmmakers, industry professionals, moviegoers and cinephiles together - in person - to share stories, knowledge, and handshakes.


The safety of our filmmakers, industry colleagues, and festival attendees comes first and with the restrictions to ensure that, it’s not possible to provide the experience that makes our festival great.


All submissions will be honored and carry-over into our 2022 season! We will however, honor a refund if you decide you want to retract your submission.


For refunds, please e-mail:


We are excited to get back to all of the stories waiting to be told, and, of course, to the thrill of a “World Premiere” in a full theater with hot popcorn and yes, premiere parties. A Festival in its truest form. In person.

-Mammoth Film Festival™