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Mammoth Film Summit {MammothFS} is an intensive hands-on program led by Celebrities and Film & Television industry leaders. MammothFS develops leadership, creativity, and critical thinking through the collaborative process of filmmaking, media production and acting. The Mammoth Film Summit is designed to empower youth and young adults by teaching them the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking and offering a thorough overview of the process from script to screen.


MammothFS brings together some of the top film and television industry professionals for a one-day interactive and educational panel. This panel allows aspiring young filmmakers to connect and network with people who are at the top of their game in the world of film, television, writing, directing acting and producing.









Steven Garcia, Ryan Black, Ngoc Nguyen, Suzanne Weinert, Eric Amadio, Brittany Snow, Jeff Kalligheri, Dillon Jordan, Kyle Tekiela, Shannon McIntosh and Alexandra Chando.