California’s Favorite Winter Film Festival!


Mammoth Film Festival™ is going into its 3rd year and we can't wait for February 27th - March 2, 2020! Now with our ever-expanding MammothFF Marketplace, you can look for this platform to be a place to not only have your project seen but potentially bought and sold! Just visit our website for details or questions and we hope to see you at Mammoth Film Festival 2020: Where Your Vision Is Seen.



About MammothFF: 

Mammoth Film Festival aims to lead the charge for an ever-changing landscape of film and media. The festival premiered in 2018 and specialized as an all-media platform in celebrating a diverse range of filmmakers, actors, directors, writers, producers, and their work. With Mammoth Lakes, CA as its beautiful backdrop, “MammothFF” is held in February at the Minaret Cinemas as well as various venues throughout town. This 5-day festival includes:

  • Special Events

  • Charity Celebrity Bowling Tournament 

  • Panel Discussions with Top Industry Leaders

  • and MammothCON Vendor Exhibition Hall.


"If I’ve picked up one thing up from attending film festivals all over the world, ranging from the most humble in size to the largest and most prestigious, they all have one thing in common. They all celebrate the magic of creation on screen with those who make stories, love telling those stories, and admire the craft of that. To bring elements of my personal favorite festivals have meant to me to such a wonderful place like Mammoth and what that area of California has to offer in destination, style, content, and quality will be sure to make Mammoth Film Festival™ a one of a kind event."


- Tanner Beard, President of Mammoth Film Festival