Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the festival and keep things running smoothly. As a MammothFF Volunteer, you represent the festival, which means you’re working to make sure our festival attendees have a wonderful experience, and that they leave with a great impression of the festival and of Mammoth!

If you’re interested in joining us this year, we’ve put together a breakdown of our different festival teams and FAQs about what to expect when volunteering for #MammothFF! Take a look through the team breakdown before applying so that you can let us know what you are most interested in being apart of. Those who are able to give more of your time will receive priority for team placement. We hope to see you in February!


Welcome & registration team

The welcome and registration team acts as the "face" of the festival. You will be the first people that festival attendees, and Mammoth Lakes tourists interact with. This team is responsible for welcoming guests into their hotels, providing badges, and being 'in the know' about everything MammothFF.

Our Panel Discussions team will be responsible for panel preparation, maintenance of panel rooms, and act as a panel participant liaison.This includes but is not limited to sponsor product placement, panel table prep with name placards/microphone/etc, and providing excellent service to our panel members. 

Panel discussions team

The Special Events team responsibilities include event preparation, credential checking, product restock, and being on hand for any needs throughout our private and public events. You will act as a "right hand man" to our production team to make sure guests have a flawless event experience. Events include: Opening& Closing Night, Happy Hours and More.

Special events team

The Theatre Operations Team will be stationed at our two theatre locations.You will be in charge of crowd control, ticket sales and checking, screening room maintenance and working directly with our Operations Manager. 

Theatre operations team

Transportation to and from festival events is a key part to our talent and attendee experience at MammothFF. The transportation team with be working directly with our Coordinating Manager to maintain our transportation schedule and act as a liaison to get VIP Guests around town.

transportation team 

Repping the MammothFF brand with shirts, hats, gloves, and more is crucial to growing the Mammoth brand. The Merchandise team will be responsible for setup of merchandise booths and interacting and selling our MammothFF merchandise. We need people with an eye for design, and a friendly attitude!

merchandise team

The Talent and Public Relations team will work directly with our Coordinating and PR Manager. You will help to maintain schedule for red carpet events, organize talent and filmmakers schedules and coordinate with managers to ensure 

Talent & 

public relations team

The Theatre Operations Team will be stationed at our two theatre locations.You will be in charge of crowd control, ticket sales and checking, screening room maintenance and working directly with our Operations Manager. 



Do I need to be a certain age to volunteer?

In order to volunteer, you need to be 18 years or older. 

What kind of things will I be doing while volunteering? Are you assigning me a schedule or do I get to pick my shifts?

Our volunteers have the opportunity to share their preferences with our Volunteer Coordinator – when filling out the application, each volunteer chooses their shift availability and team preference. Most of our volunteers sign up for a variety of departments and jobs throughout the festival so they can check everything out, but it’s all about you crafting a schedule you’ll enjoy. So if Transportation is your thing, sign up for all Transportation shifts. Love checking out panels? Check out the panel discussions team!


Festival teams include Registration, Panel Discussions, Special Events, Merchandise, Theatre Operations, Transportation, Talent & Public Relations, and our Executive Team so be sure to check out all of the available shifts once they’re posted. Please note that some teams prefer past experience or special requirements to join!

I’m super excited, but I’ve never volunteered for a festival before. Will there be a meeting so I know what to do?


Two Volunteer Orientations will be offered before the festival, on in Los Angeles and one in Mammoth. Locations and times will be sent out via email when we’re closer to the festival. The same information will be given out at all the Volunteer Orientations, so you only have to attend one of the meetings, unless you really like us and just want to hang out! 

At Volunteer Orientation we’ll go over the basics of volunteering with #MammothFF, and fill y’all in on what to expect. Bring all your questions!

I’m coming in from out of town. When do you think I should try to get to Mammoth?

For those that are coming in from out of town, we recommend coming in Wednesday the 26th before the festival and heading home on Tuesday the 3rd. We’ll have volunteer shifts starting bright and early on Wednesday morning and shifts go through Monday evening.

What about lodging? 

As a volunteer you coming in from out of town, you will be given access to a Volunteer code for a flat rate discounted hotel room at the Best Western in Mammoth Lakes. Once you have filled out your application and been scheduled for your volunteer shifts, our volunteer coordinator will send over the discount code so that you are able to book! 

Do I get a MammothFF Badge for volunteering?

If you sign up for and work the required number of shifts, you will receive a Volunteer Badge. When you’re not on shift (and not wearing your Volunteer t-shirt), you’ll be able to line up in the general Badgeholder line for programming. 

Pro tip: If a specific panel or screening strikes interests you, we suggest you sign up to work it if there’s a shift available. And on the flip side, if you’re signing up to volunteer just to see one specific event, we strongly suggest you mull over that choice.


We advise all our Badgeholders not to attend for a single event or individual. Badges do not guarantee entry to any single screening, panel, or event, only admission up to capacity, and if you only want to see one person, you may very well be disappointed. We do our best to prevent changes in programming, however schedules can change or an opportunity to see them simply may not arise. 

I confirmed that I would volunteer, but something happened and I can’t anymore. What should I do?

Please notify the Volunteer Team at vounteer@mammothfilmfestival.org as soon as you can.

I’m worried that I’m missing emails about volunteering. Leading up the festival, how often will I hear from y’all?

First off, make sure to add volunteer vounteer@mammothfilmfestival.org to your Contacts to avoid important emails from going to your Spam or Junk folders.


As things start to ramp up, we can’t guarantee specific dates of correspondence, but we’ll be in touch with updates as the festival approaches. We suggest that you routinely check your email for info from the Volunteer Department, but if you’re getting nervous, just reach out to volunteer@atxfestival.com!

What should I wear?

Volunteers will be given Volunteer Crew Shirts! You must wear your volunteer shirt during every shift, and you can’t alter your shirt in any way during the festival. As for the rest of your outfit, we suggest that you wear comfortable clothing like jeans and tennis shoes. You’ll be running around and on your feet all day, and we want you to be comfortable and WARM!

What do I do about food?

We work hard to have snacks or light meals available but can’t guarantee food, so we strongly suggest you bring your own snacks and water bottles. There are also a bunch of places to eat within walking distance of all our venues, and you’re free to go grab food if your shift leader has oked it, or once your shift is completed.

I still have more questions!

Feel free to reach out to the Volunteer Team at volunteer@mammothfilmfestival.org and we can help you out!